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UK? Yes you can. If the third party admits liability or is found to be liable they are responsible for your costs. This can include the cost of you hiring a car whilst yours is off the road. You can claim against them for any cost you would not have incurred had the accident not happened, so this could include say contents of your vehicle, time off work due to your injuries, replacing clothing etc.

Back to answering your question specifically, they are only liable for the hire car costs to the point where they settle your claim in full. So if your £1000 car is a 'total loss' they are liable for your hire car costs whilst making their mind up whether to repair it or not. Once they have decided and paid your £1000 it is up to you to buy a new car. Thus they do not have to hire you a replacement indefinately.

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Q: If my car get hit by an insured driver can i claim a hire car of his insurance?
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Do you have to hire your insurance company's recommended adjuster?

Insurance companies investigating or handling a claim appoint an adjuster. I know of no instance where an insured or claimant would hire an insurance companies adjuster. If you disagree with the company adjusters valuation or handling of your claim, You are welcome to go out and hire your own public adjuster to get a second opinion.

Would i be insured if iam 20yrs old driving a hire car are you insured by the hire company to drive a vehicle?

The hire company will insist on some form of insurance.

When you are in an accident with no insurance are you entitled to pay for damages?

Not sure what you are asking. If you had no insurance and caused the accident you are responsible for paying for the other driver's damage and injuries. If the other driver was at fault, you are entitled to payment for your damages and injuries from either the driver/owner of the other car, or their insurance company. If you had your own collision insurance, you could make the claim with your company and let them worry about collecting, but if you don't, you will need to file the claim with the other party's insurer or hire a lawyer and sue them.

What is an insurance company's contractor of record?

There is no such thing. In the United States the insured has the right to hire whomever they want to effect the repairs.

What types of claims does medical malpractice insurance cover?

Medical malpractice insurance is a type of liability insurance for physicians and similar kinds of health care professionals. Like other forms of liability insurance, it assumes the financial risk of damages, according to its terms, that a third party may claim against a treating medical professional. Stated otherwise, it will pay on behalf of the insured those amounts which the insured is found legally responsible for. Other aspects of medical malpractice insurance also track liability insurance as a general genre. These include: 1. The insurer requires that the insured report the claim to it within a reasonable time. This allows the insurer to investigate the claim. If the investigation concludes that the insured is likely responsible for legally cognizable damages, the insurer may be able to settle the claim without the need for a lawsuit and the expenses that attend one. 2. If the claim cannot be settled, generally the insurer provides a defense to the insured in a lawsuit. This means that the insurer will hire a lawyer to represent the insured, and pay all or most of the costs incurred in that representation. In return for that, the insured has to abide by the directives of the insurer and the attorney, attend depositions, answer interrogatories, and otherwise participate in the proceeding. 3. Usually, the insurer has the right to make the decision as to whether or not to settle the claim. Sometimes, though, the policy will have a "consent to settle" provision which essentially gives the insured a veto over a proposed settlement. 4. In order to recover, the person who claims to be injured has to prove that his/her injuries proximately resulted from the act or omission of the health care provider. This is an integral part of any negligence claim. While negligence, in general, equates with carelessness, there must also be proximate causation. This means that BUT FOR the negligence, the injuries or damages would not have occurred.

Can a homeowner file a claim with the contractors insurance company?

Yes, That's why you always make sure your contractors are insured before you hire them. The contractor should always carry General liability insurance to cover the cost of accidental damage to a property they perform work on. Most General Liability Insurance policies will also have coverage for completed products and operations as well.

What happens if a drunk driver hits you in new york and they have no insurance?

Call the police and hire an attorney, NOW.

What happens when a pedestrian is hit by someone who does not have adequate insurance?

AnswerThe victim has the right to file a lawsuit for any expenses incurred that was not covered by insurance. The victim can also file a claim with their own automobile insurance for medical costs and uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage. Your best bet? Hire a lawyer. Even the most straight-forward pedestrian accident can get complicated quickly.

How do you collect on a car accident claim?

If your car is insured you need not to worry about accident claim. Company will start a verification process and if possible it'll pay your loss. Second option is you should hire private companies dealing in accident compensation claim.

Do both parties have to be insured to drive each others cars?

It all depends on what your insurance certificate Say's for eg: you may also drive other car not belonging to you or hired to you or under a hire purchase agreement with the consent of the owner. Meaning as long as you have the permission of the owner you can drive the car under basic third party insurance however if you leave the vehicle IE; go shop or leave the driver seat that vehicle then is not insured.

Should you sue if someone hit you in a car accident?

Carefull, this is a complicated question. Many times there is no value in suing. You may have to sue if: 1st The at fault driver is not insured or not properly insured. 2nd The at fault insurance company will not pay or will not pay fair compensation. 3rd If you are injured and need a Lawyer to protect your rights and insure proper and fair compensation. Many times the Insurance companies will not pay fairly and it is often easier to get your Insurance company to intervene than to hire a lawyer. I specificaly buy insurance that provides this coverage as I was bitten before in this way. Good Luck

Will your American brother who has an American driving license be able to hire a car and get it insured for his 6 stay in England?

A foreign or International driving licence is usually valid for 12 months and can be used to hire a car with insurance included.