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the person that is found responsible ( At Fault ) for the accident

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Q: If both vehicles in an accident are insured by state farm who pays?
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Does both parties involved in an accident need auto insurance?

As with all such matters, you should consult a legal professional to protect you rights. Generally, YES both VEHICLES should be insured (but that requirement may vary in some states). Drivers are NOT usually insured unless they hold special vehicle licenses or have personal umbrella coverage. But drivers should be prepared to present proof of coverage for the vehicles they are driving; when requested by law enforcement officials and other drivers after an accident.

If you accidentally hit your wife's car with your car and both vehicles are insured on the same policy will you have to pay two deductibles or will it be treated as a single accident?

You need to check with your agent. In some cases, accidents involving relatives are not covered.

Does State Farm Auto Insurance give premium discounts for having multiple cars insured with them?

State Farm does provide premium discounts for having multiple cars insured with them. As long as both cars are owned in the same household and both insured with State Farms, great discounts can be obtained.

What is the liability of the owner if some other person takes out insurance on his car?

The insured and the owner of the vehicle are both legally responsible for the vehicle and they could both get sued for an accident.

Can your friend drive your car if you are both insured?

People are not insured. Vehicles are. In other words, it's not necessary for a vehicle owner to determine whether a potential driver is insured. The owner knows whether his car is insured. It is necessary, however, for a person who wishes to drive a vehicle to ensure that it is properly insured. I would not operate a vehicle unless I saw a valid insurance card for it.

As a passenger in a two car accident can you file a claim with your own insurance company?

I am assuming you mean for an injury and there is coverage on both vehicles involved? If you have medical pay perhaps, state laws very. Check with your company. If you mean for the damage to the vehicles I see no way for there to be coverage as a passenger.

Do you pay city and county tax on used vehicles?

It varies by state. Its both for Comercial and Non-Commercial Vehicles.

Who is responsible for an Accident caused by a driver of someone else's vehicle?

This depends on the insurance company. Some insurance companyies will cover other drivers if they are not regular drivers of the insured vehicle. Other insurance companies will only cover the person insured/owner of the vehicle. Most of the time, there are riders you can attach for an additional charge that will cover other, occassional drivers. If there are two people that drive a vehicle on a regular basis, both people must be insured, and generally that's like covering two vehicles.

In Washington state if both drivers are not insured in an auto accident what happens?

Interesting question. Since the both of you are uninsured, the person who is at fault should pay for the majority of damages incurred. Keep in mind that they can only pay in good faith, If not, you can file a lawsuit, however if the police were not called, this will make it even harder.

Who is at fault when both parties are backing up their vehicles resulting in an accident claim by one of the parties?

The driver responsible for the accident is always at fault. However, Both parties are usually found at fault in this instance. This is generally called Joint fault.

What is the difference between comprehensive and liablility auto insurance?

While comprehensive insurance covers both you and the party with whom you were in an accident with, liability insurance only covers the other party. Thus, you will only be insured if you are in the comprehensive plan for your part of the accident costs.

What do you do if in a car accident and both vehicles do not have car insurance?

what can you do, both drivers are in the wrong and braking the law, so report it to the police and both partys will be charged and then prob get a fine to pay for the damage, also points on the licence