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Q: If a person has plpd and they hit me what can I do to to collect damange?
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Does PLPD insurance cover you if you lose control of your car on ice and hit a tree?


Does your plpd insurance cover the damages to a car that you hit?

I am assuming that you are making up some abbreviation by using the plpd. The part of the policy that would pay for the damages to the car you hit if it was your fault would be Property Damage Liability Coverage.

How do you collect a claim if the person that hit your car does not own the car?


If you were in an auto accident and have only PLPD coverage on your vehicle will repair costs be covered?

PLPD is also known as liability. If YOU hit someone else's car meaning that you are at fault, any repairs will come out of your own pocket because PLPD only covers damages for other vehicles. If you were not at fault it doesn't matter what coverage you have because their insurance carrier (if they have one) should pay for your vehicle damages.

How do you file a claim against someones car insurance when they hit a house?

you get the insurance info. and have them look at the damange. make shoure you have a police report.

Will PLPD cover the damages on your car if you are involved in a hit and run accident that is not your fault?

Unless you have an uninsured motorist coverage attached to your PLPD policy, you are otherwise screwed. Your only other option beyond this is to sue the driver if they got caught. Well we all know lawsuits can only be so effective but they can take time and money to complete. Even if you win you aren't guaranteed any money, if the other party ever pays at all. Moving on, PLPD only covers any at fault accidents YOU may have. When I had my first car I had PLPD BUT I had an uninsured motorist coverage on my policy. It turned out that was the right thing to do because I was involved in a hit and run myself, and since the other party was deemed as having no insurance, my car was paid for.

If you have no insurance and your car was hit while parked does the other person's insurance company pay?

It should. But it's much easier to collect if you have your own insurance.

If you have PLPD or no fault insurance and you hit someone from behind and their car is fine and yours is not will your car insurance cover it?

No. PL & PD cover injury and damage you do to other persons and their property. Collision and Comprehensive cover your vehicle.

In 4-square is the ball allowed to hit your body?

No-it is not allowed to hit a person or the person who hit it is out. No-it is not allowed to hit a person or the person who hit it is out.

When a claim is filed do you only get the amount of the policy?

You can only collect the amount of your actual loss but no more than the limits on the policy. If a person does not have enough limits on his policy and he hit you then you can sue him for more but you will not be able to collect the policy limits amount then still sue for the remainder of the loss.

Will your car be covered if you are involved in a hit and run and all you have on the car is PLPD and the car is a total loss?

No, you only have insurance to protect you against claims for damage you caused to others. If you can't afford to replace the car, keep the comprehensive and collision coverage.

What can you do if you were hit in a parking lot and you only have PLPD and the police report said the other driver was at fault but he didn't receive a ticket because it was on private property?

I would talk with a lawyer. They know the best routes to take when suing someone. I hope that you are okay.