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The issue with being sued is an important one. It is very important that you have the highest liability amount, especially when you have youthful drivers.

If you are worried about your liability, I would suggest purchasing an additional Umbrella liability policy. It's a small cost per year for an additional $1,000,000 of liability protection. This will protect all of your assets in the event of a law suit. If you would like, I could get you some quotations for auto and umbrella protection. Just send me an email.

Provided she's not on specifically listed on the policy, and is under 26 years old yes you can and if they win the case, the constable will boot all doors as the estate is awarded to them. Any time someone drives under 26 they must be specifically listed on United States Insurance policies or the company can deny the claim or only cover her to a certain point.

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Q: If a 22 year old daughter whose car is on your policy but does not live with you has an accident can you be sued and lose your house?
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