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Bankruptcy is altogether different than criminal settlements

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Q: If I was to get to accident and someone else's car and I was being sued and I do a bankruptcy who will be liable?
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Whose liable when someone else drives your auto and has accident?

this greatly depends on your specific policy with your insurance carrier/ certain policy provisions may be required if the vehicle on the policy is being operated by someone other than the named insured.

If someone is being sued for back rent and breaking their lease can they still file for bankruptcy?

Anybody can file for bankruptcy.

Who is liable if your 17 year old daughter is unlicensed and uninsured gets into an accident?

The owner of the car is going to be held liable. And it won't do your daughter any good either, it will delay her being able to get a license.

I claimed bankruptcy and it was discharged in January. When am I no longer liable for association dues for my house that is being forclosed upon?

Sorry, but, if you did not surrender the property in your bankruptcy, you are liable until the house is no longer in your name. There are some things a lawyer can try to do to get you out of it. The association dues usually have to be paid at the closing if the lender wants to give a clear title. Check with a lawyer in your state who is familiar with housing associations.

If you rear end someone on private property are you liable?

If you rear end another vehicle, you are almost certainly going to be held liable. Being on private property does not affect the issue of liability.

What will happen if you have changed insurance companies since an accident and are now being sued over it?

Your old insurance company will be liable. You should be calling and talking to your claims department

How am I liable in an accident in a rental car of not being listed as second driver on rental car contract?

If you are in an accident in a rental car and you are not listed as the driver, you will be held personally responsible for all costs incurred for both parties. This would apply whether you are at fault or not!

Which type of bankruptcy should an individual file if he is being sued by a passenger involved in a car accident?

The issue needs to discussed with an attorney who is qualified in bankruptcy litigation. Personal injury lawsuits are halted by the automatic stay when a BK is filed. However, it is not uncommon for personal injury suits and/or judgments to be excluded from a bankruptcy discharge.

Being civilly liable means a server or seller of alcohol?

as a server or seller of alcohol, being civilly liable means?

As a server or seller of alcohol being civilly liable means?

as a server or seller of alcohol, being civilly liable means?

How will you know if someone that owes you money and is making scheduled payments files bankruptcy?

Go to where the bankruptcy is filed and have the file pulled and there will be an accounting of all the debts and payments being currently made. It is public information.

After leaving the casino you had a car accident can you suit the casino?

only if you are intoxicated,and if they served you more while already being intoxicated and you leave their establishment and get into an accident , they would be liable ! <><><> Depends on the laws of the country/state where the casino is located. Legal advice here is worth what you paid for it.