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In this case you need to go to court and fight the ticket, if you believe that you are not at fault for the accident, however, based on your own insurance policy, it may be different. Most likely, both of the Insurance co. will deny liability to each other, and if you don't win your ticket in court, you are stuck with your own costs.

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Q: I was in an auto accident both parties were issued tickets my car was damaged who is responsible for the damages?
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When you do not have any insurance AND the person who took your car without permission has no insurance and causes an accident who is responsible of the other parties damages?

You hope that the other driver responsible in the crash has insurance that covers uninsured drivers and then you sue your friend!

Is your insurance company responsible for cleanup of the accident?

As a rule of thumb, the responsible parties insurance carrier in an automobile accident would cover tow charges to the other parties vehicle (as well as the tow charges for your vehicle, providing you carry collision coverage), and the "clean-up" is usually performed by the tow company. Therefore, the responsible carrier would be responsible for the charges. Otherwise, they could be liable for addition accidents or damages caused from the debris left behind.

What happens when your at fault in an accident but you can't pay for it?

Your insurance will care of the damages. If you don't have insurance, the other parties insurance will take care of the damages and then go after you.

Who is at fault when both parties are backing up their vehicles resulting in an accident claim by one of the parties?

The driver responsible for the accident is always at fault. However, Both parties are usually found at fault in this instance. This is generally called Joint fault.

What if you have a car accident and both parties have no insurance?

Both parties will lose their license if a police report is taken. Both parties are still responsible for all damage incurred or injuries.

Am i responsible i damaged an awning but other parties have damaged the same awning who is responsible myselfcausing initial damage or all three of us that have caused damage?

if you had repaired it when it was first damaged, it would be an easy choice. But in this case, you have to CONVINCE the "others" that they also damaged it. Since you did not replace it when it was damaged, you would have no case in a court.

Who pays for damages and repairs and deductibles in an auto accident?

There are many scenerios to this one. It could be one person's fault or both parties faults and thus, if both parties were to blame their own insurance companies would deal with it. If it was the fault of the other person, then they are responsible for paying out repairs to the other vehicle or any bodily injuries.

What if both parties only have liability insurance after a car accident?

If you were at fault, your insurance co will cover the damages to the other vehicle ONLY, not your....and vise virsa.

Why you need car insurance?

The reason you need car insurance is for protection for both you and other parties. Without insurance, if you were involved in an auto accident, you would have to take the responsible party to court, which cost you time and money. Insurance covers this cost, as well as it finicially protects you. if you were found at fault for an accident, and did not have insurance, you would be responsible for all the damages and medical expenses for all parties involved. This could end up costing you several thousand dollars, which most of us could not afford. Insurance covers this cost, as well as insures that if you are injuried in an accident that wasnt your fault, that you are fully compensated for your injuries

Car accident and neither have insurance?

The at fault party is still liable to pay the damages. Added: Both parties will probably be cited for driving without insurance as well.

If you rear ended someone and no police report was made but a week later the other driver demanded 600 dollars for damages do you have to pay?

The person who is responsible for the accident should accept that responsibility and place a claim with their insurer or make a written agreement with the damaged party to reimburse them for their loss. The problem is in this case the "at fault" driver has no way to determine if the amount requested is valid. The "at fault" driver should under no circumstances render any monies until valid proof of damages and agreement on the amount that is to be paid has been submitted in writing and signed by all involved parties (driver of vehicle during accident, owner of vehicle, etc.).

Property damage liability?

PROPERTY DAMAGE - LIABILITYProperty damage liability protects you against financial loss when you are found liable for damaging any another parties property in an automobile accident. This coverage could be used to fix someone's vehicle or even City property if you were found to be at-fault for the accident. You could be responsible for any damages that exceed your covered limits.Property Losses or damaged Liability:You should consult professional firms if you or your property or possessions have been damaged against financial loss or environmental losses.There are many professional peoples in the firms who can determine the nature and source of the contamination, and repair the damage to you, your property and possessions.