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If you had 'protected' sex then it is very unlikely to be pregnant if you used contraception. But if you had 'unprotected' sex obviously your risk goes up but is very low because your period is starting meaning that the lining of the womb is breaking up causing a period. But if you don't get your period you should consider taking a pregnancy test.

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Q: I had protected sex 4 days before my period am i pregnant?
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Can i get pregnant 2 days before period?

can i get pregnant 2 days before my period starts

Can you be fertile 2 days after you had your period and had protected sex?

Yes, you could be fertile 2 days after your period. However, if you had protected sex, the chances of you getting pregnant are low

What does it mean when your period is 11 days late and you had protected sex?

it means your pregnant

I had protected sex 3 nights in a row the first being 6 days before your period you then had a heavy heavy 3 day period and 2 very light days after that could i be pregnant?

No, as long as you are positive you were protected you are fine. Your period has the tendency to flucuate the way it wants. A period can last anywhere from 2-10 days..normally.

Sex 2 days before period?

You can get pregnant if you have sex 2 days before your period. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. It all depends on when you ovulate (release an egg). If you ovualte 2 days before your period then you are most likely to get pregnant then.

I had protected sex about a week ago I got my period 2 days after I'm probably paranoid but i think I'm pregnant Am I?

If you got your period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

Is it possible to become pregnant 2 days before a period?

yes you can get pregnant you can't get pregnant if your period is still bleeding

Can you get pregnant 2 days before your period due?

of course u can i got pregnant with my daughter the day before my period was due

What if my period was 5 days early and you had intercous the 2 days before can you still get pregnant?

No you can't get pregnant.

Can you fall pregnant 4 days before your period and still have a period?


How many days do you wait after you have your period to get pregnant?

you do it before your period.. while ovulating.

Can a girl be pregnant after having protected sex has a late period but then a few days later gets her period?

Yes, this is an indicator of pregnancy.