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Call your health care provider now if you are pregnant with stomach pain.

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Q: I am twenty-four weeks pregnant and have stomach pains when you touch my stomach?
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Why do female guinea pigs bite when you touch under there stomach and what does it mean?

because she is pregnant

Is a cat is pregnant does she bite if you touch her stomach?

depends what cat you have.... some do and some prefer to have there belly rubbed while they are pregnant

Your mare tries to bite and kick you when you touch her stomach under her flanks is she pregnant?


Dog stomach is hard is she pregnant?

my mom is a dog breeder and she told me well i asked, "mom, if a dog is pregnant, is her stomach hard?" then she responded "yes, right around where her nips are, she also told me that her nips will be more saggy,lol if you touch your dog even near her stomach when shes pregnant she will get mad."

How do you know if your shih tzu is pregnant?

It takes about 60-63 days for the puppies to be born. In the middle of the month and touch her stomach if there is any kicks. If so, then yes she is pregnant.

Is it normal for your stomach to be tender to the touch at 17 weeks' pregnant?

yes, sometimes women experience things like that. Cause i had that problem when i was pregnant. But i was about 22 weeks pregnant. But if it get to bad and it doesnt stop see a doctor. But the main thing that is cause of your stomach is stretching. So try to rub lotion on your tummy.

If a boy kisses you on your cheeks touch your stomach from inside as well as outside your shirt and play with your belly button Will a girl get pregnant?

No, if he only does what you described.

Can you touch your belly?

"Belly" is another word for stomach. You cannot actually touch your stomach because it is on the inside of your body, but you can touch the skin about where your stomach is - it's right under the left side of your ribcage.

How do you know your bunny is pregnant?

your bunny will growl at you try to bite will run away from you outside and wont let you pick her up and will honestly hate when you touch her stomach and keep felling her stomach carefully if the sides are round then she is and on top of her stomach is like a little lump

Could you get pregnant it someone touches you?

It rather depends on what they touch you with and where they touch you.

Should you handle your rabbit if she pregnant?

No, only if absolutely necessary. Her stomach will be very sensitive so she will be very aggressive if you try to touch it or go anywhere near it. A female rabbit is NOT THAT sensitive . She can be moved to a larger cage, she can be groomed. She can be palpated to see if she is pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a guy touch your vagian if he just puts he hands down your pants and touch it for a few?

No by doing that there is no chance of you getting pregnant .