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Please call your healthcare professional or primary care physician as soon as possible, but not immediately unless you feel it is warranted. Diarrhea could result from an interaction with medication, change in diet, or other reasons. This question answered by a healthcare professional, not an M.D.

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Q: I am 36 weeks pregnant and Im having a lot of diahrrea Is something wrong?
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All it means is That your 6 weeks pregnant (your having a baby, and you've been pregnant for 6 weeks which is 42 days) and your just craving, (you feel like you want something really bad) like every pregnant woman does, even If it's something gross or just something like skittles. Ps. Congrats!!

Why are you having sharp pains in your vagina at 36 weeks pregnant?

If you are at 36 weeks pregnant and having sharp vaginal pains, it could be caused by the cervix dilating. This can happen days or weeks prior to actual delivery.

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Yes, perfectly.

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Ask an OBGYN.

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Go see your doctor about it. If you are throwing up, you may be pregnant.

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no it is not normal.

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see a doctor.