How you get pass level 4 on big seed?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Find the line of symmetry

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Q: How you get pass level 4 on big seed?
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How do you pass big seed level 6 puzzle 4 on st math?

you move the squares to fill in the grey spots

What’s the answer to all big seed level 4?


How do you pass the last 4 questions on St Math's Big Seed?

To pass those, all you need to do is study hard, know the appropriate subject matter, and make the effort to answer the questions correctly.

What should you do to be a level 4 in math?

Pass level 3.

How do you pass level 4 - 7 in super scribblenaughts?

you play it and pass

What job do you get if you pass riding level 4?

i don't know what level 4 is but if you can ride you should be a stripper!!

What day do you get to become a vet on Howrse?

After you pass your 4th riding level. You can pass riding level 4 after you have logged on to for 30 days.

How do you pass level 4 on parking mania?

you get an A on a math test

How do you pass level 4 on halo ODST?

Follow the waypoint.

How do you pass level 1 in ducklife 4?

By trying harder.

What do you do on level 4 questionort?

You have to get the yellow orb light to go in the yellow areas to pass the level.

What does riding Level 4 do?

When you pass Riding Level 4, you can access the Genetics section, along with the directories (players, horses, breeding).