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Search pointful stuff. Pointless spam will get you nowere.

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Q: How you get ac on adventure quest worlds with adventure quest worlds toolbar?
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In adventure quest worlds where do you get acs and can you get them free?

Install the aqw toolbar then search using the toolbar. Once you search 19 times, then you'll get 3 ac coins.

How can you seach ac in Adventure Quest Worlds toolbar?

click the search bar (at the right of the AQWOrlds logo), type a word and click search

How can you get ac in adventure quest worlds?


How do you get ac coins in adventure quest worlds?

buy it

Is there any non member pets in adventure quest worlds?

yes only on xmas but its ac

How do you get easy AC on adventure quest worlds?

u can buy the ac or goto ballyhoo u got 25% lucky for it to got ac

How do you earn ac on adventure quest worlds?

go to balyhoo in battleon town some times u get it

Can you get dragon slayer helm without quest on adventure quest worlds?

The Dragon Slayer helm was available for purchase with AC coins at one point.

How can you get ac coin using quest in aq?

Adventure Quest uses Z-tokens. Adventure Quest Worlds uses Adventure Coins (AC) which can be obtained either by: watching the videos from Ballyhoo, earn the free premium currency through their surveys, or get lucky in AQ. AQW doesn't give in-game AC for free other than Ballyhoo I think.

Does adventure quest worlds cost?

No it doesnt cost unless you want to upgrade and become member or get ac's or stuff like that.

In adventure quest worlds what amor or weapon can sell for acs?

Well... you can't sell any weapon or armor to get AC even if you buy them with ac coins!

How do you hack AC in aq?

Hacking is not allowed and will result in your account being suspended/ disabled and all your badges being removed.