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You do not require a membership to get ACs. Simply buy them, complete third-party offers or watch Ballyhoo advertisements.

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Q: How you can get more than20k acs in AQWorlds with out membership?
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How do you get ACs in AQWorlds with out membership?

There is a couple of ways of getting ACs without getting a membership in AQWorlds... -Ballyhoo (ingame /join ballyhoo) -AExtras (on homepage) -Portalbattleon (use points to get ACs) -Battle bar! (download it and search with it. Do not overuse it by spamming search engine)

How do you get a pet on AQWorlds without membership?

Hav enof acs to buy a non-member pet

Is AQWorlds supported by click and buy?

Yes, you can use Click and Buy to buy ACs or a membership on AQW.

How can you get acs at AQWorlds?

Getting ACs in AQWorldsBuy a membership (Each membership comes with a certain amount of ACs)Use membership card to get ACs (Instead of getting a membership with this card, get ACs if you want)Buy ACsUse AExtras (Each Special Offer gets you a certain amount of ACs when you reach the requirements)Use GamerPoints (Get the from Portal Battleon and link your account.)Download and Use Toolbar (It's supposed to work every time you search something on the Toolbar, it doesn't work that way for me at all)

What is the fastest way to earn Adventure Coins in AQWorlds?

easy give me your account and say how much acs u want and ill get it for u and in a day TADA! u have acs...i do membership

What is the password of aqworlds membership and acs generator v4.1?

Hacking is not allowed and will result in your account being suspended/ disabled and all your badges being removed.

How do you get ACs easily on AQWorlds?

Ballyhoo (/join ballyhoo) gives 5 ACs if you're lucky. Also, you can earn ACs by doing AExtras (link provided below). You can also just buy ACs off of the AQworlds' website.

On AQWorlds can you get acs when you are alredy a member?


How do you get aqw free acs and membership?

yes I'am whant acs freee and membership

How do you get unlimited ACs at AQWorlds?

You can get 5 acs from ballyhoo by viewing a sponsor video.(AC's are randomly received).

How do you get undead warrior armor without ac's in aqworlds?

You cannot get Undead Warrior armor without ACs in AQWorlds.

How much is the membership for adventure quest worlds?

it cost $19.95 for 3 months membership, with a bonus of 1,000 ACs $34.95 for 6 month membership, with a bonus of 2,000 ACs and a special offer of $49.49 for one year membership, with a bonus of 5,000 ACs