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Q: How will you avoid being a victim of other unscrupulous thinking?
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How can a person avoid being a victim of health fraud?

A person should avoid being a victim of health fraud by avoiding the backdoor clinics and hospital and keeping his health insurance information private and confidential.

What does jack leg mean?

Being unscrupulous and showing no professionalism.

What improvements are necessary for NSE and BSE?

They should be more common investor friendly. The rules and regulations should be flexible so that even a layman can participate in stock trading without being victim of unscrupulous stock brokers.

How did the Vietnam war have conflict on Americans personal lives?

Thinking of excuses to avoid being inducted into the military.

What is an illness with the victim being vulgar and psychotic around family but can be controlled by the victim around friends?

its called being a teenager

In the city of Gath where did David keep himself from being a victim of the king?

In the city of Gath where did David keep himself from being a victim of the king

In twilight how does Jane cause an illusion of pain?

Jane has the ability to inflict a mental illusion of burning pain. It physically does nothing to them, as it is an ability to trick the mind into thinking there is pain. Jane can control how much pain she inflicts on her victim. The pain that Jane inflicts is described as being like "burning" inside of the victim.

How can you avoid becoming a victim of identify thief?

You can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by safeguarding your personal information like Social Security number and financial details, being cautious about sharing information online or with unknown sources, monitoring your credit report regularly, and using strong, unique passwords for all your accounts. Additionally, be wary of phishing attempts and secure your devices with updated antivirus and security software.

Is being a lesbian a sin or even thinking about it?

No. Being a lesbian is not a sin, nor is thinking about being a lesbian (or lesbians in general).

How did you avoid getting the black death?

- Bathe in hot water frequently - . Avoid breathing in the same air as a plague victim. - Live in a house sheltered from the wind and keep the window closed - Walk around carrying flowers, herbs or spices, - raise to your nose. - Avoid being around Cats and Dogs - Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES board a ship

What are effects of kidnapping?

Having been a victim, I can assure you it can frighten you silly. You become much more paranoid, thinking all people want to kidnap you. But you can recover easily if you were not injured.

How to deal when being a victim of the homophobes?

face your fears