How was Mozarts health?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Mozart was famous for composing the farting song for his beloved child.

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Not good since he's dead

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Q: How was Mozarts health?
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Who was mozarts mummy?

Mozarts mother's name was Anna Maria

Who was Mozarts inspiration?

His dad

Was Mozarts parents were blind?


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Who is mozarts father?

Leopold Mozart

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What was Mozarts wife name?

His wife's name was Constanze Weber

What has the author Johannes Dalchow written?

Johannes Dalchow has written: 'W. A. Mozarts Krankheiten' 'W.A. Mozart' 'Mozarts Tod: 1791-1971'

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What are some of Mozarts accomplishments?

the magic flute

What did mozarts father die of?

he died of cancer