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The best way to stop biting your fingernails is to put a sour or hot tasting substance on the nail to deter you from putting them into your mouth.

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Q: How to stop bitting your fingernails?
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How do you get long fingernails?

you can get long fingernails by not cutting or bitting them off.You can also use a nail growth nail polish once a day,every day to keep your nails growing.

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How do you stop bitting nails?

There are special nail polishes that taste really bad if you bite your nails, but are nontoxic... or.... you can get a really pretty manicure so you won't want to bite your nails

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What is the best thing to put on your fingernails because you hate bitting them?

They actually have no bite polish that taste HORRIBLE i used to have that problem so it does work you can probably get it at a drugstore or amazon.

How do you get nicotine off fingernails?

stop smoking

Do your fingernails stop growing?

Basically, when you're dead.

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