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I would recommend a Nintendo DS with one of those witty and funny brain training-games.

Actually, it's already pretty high, your capacity. Using it will expand it, like a muscle.

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Q: How the capacity of brain can be improved?
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How much more of your brain capacity do you use if fluent in sign language?

There is no such thing as "brain capacity"

How can the heat reflective capacity of a concrete wall be improved?

Paint it white.

Can a human use their full brain capacity?

Humans DO use their full brain capacity. Scientists can detect and record activity in every area of the brain. But our conscious brain only uses 10%... the rest of the brain takes care of internal functions though the subconscious brain.

The moisture holding capacity of soil is sometimes improved by?

Adding organic matter.

What is Brain capacity of an army ant?

the size of a grain.

What is the brain's capacity for modification and change is called?


How has the computer been improved?

The computer has been improved by increasing its capacity to process and store data. This is by improving its CPU clock cycle and adding more memory.

How powerful is the capacity to dream?

No power, just a brain function.

What exercises can increase brain capacity?

Many forms of puzzles, such as sudoku, crosswords and scrabble are useful for this. Reading many different types of book will also enable you to increase the capacity of your brain.

Do most humans start off in life with the same brain capacity?


Which part of the brain is affected when playing sudoku?

Undoubtedly the logic center. When people become skillful enough to start finishing Sudoku puzzles, they have a markedly improved logical deduction capacity for normal, everyday events. This is tremendously useful in discarding impossible remarks and theories.

WHAT IS The capacity of one brain area to take over the functions of another damaged brain?

yes they can, it happened to my brother. he had brain damage and now he is nearly normal.