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20 minutes on 20 minutes off. Depending on what is swollen-elevate above the heart. Seek medical attention!

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Q: How often do you need to ice a swelling in a day?
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What do you do for the swelling after 24 hours of the day of the extraction?


Should you use ice on sinus swelling?

no, ice is only good on injury's like burns, muscles ect.. but not for your sinus swelling.. You need an anit-histamine...

How do i reduced swelling?

you will need a compress of Ice then apply it to the injured area.

Does a splint help reduce swelling?

Most often, yes. In the first 24 hours, ice helps, as well.

Does ice work for swelling?

Ice does a lot for swelling. It decreases blood flow to the area by vasoconstriction. This constriction limits the amount of blood coming to the injured area, therefore less fluid leaks into the injured tissue. Cold therapy will help minimize the complications of swelling by decreasing the leakage of fluids and increasing the rate of re-absorption of unwanted fluid in the injured tissues. This means that ice does not stop swelling. It only restricts the blood flow so that the swelling will be slowed down. Ice immediately after swelling occurs. Icing the next day won't do anything.

Does ice reduce swelling?

Ice reduses swelling because it numbs the pain and when the pain is gone that means the swelling calms down and it heals

How long after you were injured can you put ice on it and it will help stop the swelling?

Put on the ice immediately, it should calm the swelling.

Is ice good for a wasp sting?

As a form of ice, yes. Ice will reduce the swelling. A trick I've heard of and used on several occasions is to sterilize a penny and tape it to the sting. The copper in the penny reduces the swelling and at the end of the day, almost looks like you never got stung.

What can you do for leg swelling?

You can put ice or heat on your leg, this will help with your swelling.

How do you stop swelling on eye?

you can hold ice on your eye which reduces swelling best to ice it right away

Ice or heat for swallon jionts?

Ice stops swelling:]

What to do for swelling in your leg?

put ice on your leg when it swelling up really bad.