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The cost of insurance depends not only on age, it also is contingent on the driving record. The cost will vary, but if the driving record is good, liability insurance is likely available for about 60 to 80 dollars per month.

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Q: How much will it cost for a 20 year old female to insure her car?
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How much would it be to insure a 50cc scooter?

cost me $150 for the a year.

Cost to insure a 2002 mustang?

£270 a year

How much would a Honda CBR125R cost to insure for a 17 year old first time rider?

I'm a first time 17 year old rider my quote was £1000 a year. Or $1530

How much will motorcycle insurance cost for a 20 year old male?

Motorcycle Insurance will vary from state to state and also depending on what type of bike you are wanting to insure. In some places you can insure a Cruiser for about $900. a year or as much as $5,000. for a Sports Bike. You will have to check with your local Insurance Agent for the exact amount.

How much would insurance cost for 16 year old female?

its 18 pound a day

How much will it be to fet insurance on a 1989 buick skylark for an 18 year old female?

It depends where you live in the country, and your driving record. For an 18 y/o female with no accidents living in a small town, it might be as low as $500 (with no comprehensive insurance). Living in Boston at 18, no accidents on my record, my '89 Skylark cost $889/year to insure, with just collision & liability.

How much would it cost to insure a 125cc motorbike for a 17 year old?

There are quite a few factors that will determine how much insurance costs, I would call a local agent for a quote.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost for a 16 year old girl in Colorado?

The average cost for motorcycle insurance is usually around 500 dollars a year. For a 16 year old girl, it will probably be more expensive, at least 75 dollars a month if they will even insure a motorcycle.

How much does it cost on average for a female chicken?

for a hen approximately £5:00 per year mostly for the corn or food for it

How much does a Polaris Ranger RZR cost to insure?

The cost of insuring a Polaris Ranger RZR varies between states. It can be ensured for as little as $100 per year in some states and as high as $400 in others. The average seems to be between $150-250 per year.

What is an average rate to insure a classic car?

The cost to insure classic cars varies greatly for different cars. Classic car insurance rates usually are around $1000 a year.

How much would your insurance be?

$1200 per year but remember what I insure and my age to get that rate.