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From experience ours did not raise until the end / beginning of the following policy and was based on the dollar amount of damage. The damages was a new bumper for a new Toyota ( $3,200) and the cost went up appr. $75 for a six month period. We also had her take a defensive driving course after this (even though she had already completed drivers ed as required in this state) and this lowered the amount to $45.

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Q: How much will car insurance raise for a 16-year-old in a fender bender?
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Every company have their own rules regarding premium changes to their policy. You will need to either speak to your agent or the customer representative to find out why your premium change. In some case, you may be able to buy back the claim(essentially reimbursing the claim cost to the insurance company) and have the change removed.

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Points on your license does not automatically raise your insurance until the insurance company looks at your record. This usually only happens when you change your policy or have an accident.

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