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Q: How much water must your body loose to be dehydrated?
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Why should you drink much water?

Because without water you become dehydrated and most Of your body is made of water and when it leaves the body you have to replace it. Hope it helped!

Why should you drink much water everyday?

Because without water you become dehydrated and most Of your body is made of water and when it leaves the body you have to replace it. Hope it helped!

What occurs when the body loses too much body content and essential body salts?

The body becomes dehydrated. Lack of water and body salts will affect body and brain function.

What happens if you dont get enough water in your body?

You could become dehydrated, and die from thirst. The human body is mostly made up of water, and when a person looses too much water, they can die.

How many pints of water does the body loose a day?

That depends how much you drink and how much you exercise.

Why do you need to drink plenty of plenty of water?

Because you can get dehydrated and you can cause a massive injury, because of heat exhaustion, causing you to get heated up and nearly pass out with the much of no water.

Why does your body water?

"Water" as in to urinate... You urinate in order to clean toxins from your body. Your kidneys filter your blood, and flush the toxins out along with the water you drink. That is part of the reason urine is so much darker when you are dehydrated. Waste is more concentrated.

Does Bacteria cause diarea?

sometimes, because if your sick you have a bacteria in your body and most times you get dehydrated and drink to much liquid and to much water is drawn off the large intestine.

Effects of water intake on the fluid balance of the body?

As your body becomes saturated your cells swell up with the water. If you are slightly or severely dehydrated, your cells shrink, but when you drink water they "plump" back up to a healthy size and are able to exchange gases (like oxygen and carbon dioxide), amino acids (proteins in your food and in your body), and hormones productively again. This is one reason why people feel tired when slightly dehydrated and a simple glass of water can perk them up. But if interested, one can actually overhydrate their body and drown from the inside out because cells will burst when oversaturated and it is possible to burst too many. Most people do not need to worry about this at all, though, because most people do not drink enough water and are slightly dehydrated much of the time.

How does rice expand so much?

Rice expands because it is dehydrated. When it cooks, it absorbs water.

What happens to the body when in the desert?

In the desert, the body can be exposed to extreme heat which can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. The dry air can also result in rapid dehydration and sunburns. Additionally, sandstorms and lack of water and shelter can further contribute to physical stress on the body.

How much water do you lose when you work out?

It all depends on how much you work out. You loose water when you sweat and how much you sweat is how much water you loose. It is always important to stay hydrated while working out and all the time!