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Q: How much urine is collected before the urge to urinate?
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How much urine in the bladder before you fell the urge to urinate?

2-3 gallons

Could you pass a urine test for alcohol in 10hours if you had 5 drinks?

Attempt to dilute the alcohol as much as possible. Basically, drink as much water as you can, this way you will urinate more meaning that there will be less and less in your urine every time you urinate. Hope this helps!

What do you do if your rat cant hold in her urine?

First, I would ask what you mean by "hold in her urine". It is normal for a rat to urinate while walking sometimes or when you are holding them. My rats won't urinate in the bedding where they sleep, but they urinate all over everywhere else. i know it can be messy, but I just clean out their cages once a week and it's not much of a problem.

How much water do you drink to get heroin out of your system?

Heroin will usually stay in your system for 2-5 days. Drink several glasses of water so you urinate as much as possible before your drug test. But, be warned that drinking enough water to flush your system will result in clear urine which will be considered too diluted and you will fail your drug test. After you've drank enough water, and your urine is clear, drink enough soda to make you urinate a couple more times to make your urine a yellowish color.

How do you measure how much you urinate?

how much do we urinate

Does melatonin cause you to urinate more often?

Too much Melatonin can cause kidney damage which caused urine odor. Beware!

How much urine a full bladder holds?

A completely full bladder is capable of holding approximately 1 liter of fluid … Ordinarily the urge to urinate occurs when the bladder contains about 200 ml of urine.

How much urine is needed for a probation department drug test?

when the probation department comes to you for a urine test, they give you a small cup that you have to urinate into. Usually they prefer to have it as full as you can get it, but, it has to be at least a fourth the way filled up.

Why does your body water?

"Water" as in to urinate... You urinate in order to clean toxins from your body. Your kidneys filter your blood, and flush the toxins out along with the water you drink. That is part of the reason urine is so much darker when you are dehydrated. Waste is more concentrated.

How much does a cow urinate a day?

Depending on her size and her level of water consumption, a cow can expell around 20 L of urine per day. Usually, the more water a cow will drink the bigger her urine output.

How much urine can someone drink before dying?

about 5lts of urine will make your body collapse and die

Is it safe to urinate inside a woman's vagina?

well, i don't see why not Urine is sterile, but too much fluid in there would likely be pretty uncomfortable. But if she's cool with it...