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Q: How much sodium is the top limit for one day?
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Is there a limit on how much soup to eat in one day?

Not for me! I LOVE soup!

Is 48 ounces of sodium to much for one day?

Yes. Even by generous estimates, certainly anything over a pound of salt is way too much to consume in one day.

How much salt in one day?

normal people need 2300 mg sodium. - dhir newa

What does it mean when In a pot pie there is 1180 mg of sodium?

It means there is way to much salt in it i think you should get 280 mg a day of sodium. i recommend not eating those one a day!! because your viens will cloat and you will die of a heart attack.

How much sodium does ham have?

in ham there is 6000000 grams of sodium in it and also one blackbird

How much sodium in one teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt?

About 5,000 mg of sodium.

How much sodium in one slice of brown bread?

There is about 130 mg of sodium in one slice of brown bread.

What do you do if you missed your first pill of your new packet?

Take two the next day. Do not take two. Just take one. Exceeding the limit per day is very harmful and the limit is one pill a day.

How much time should you study to pass ipcc?

there is no specific limit of hours to study. it depends on the quality of your study. start from day one.

How much time do 4 year olds spend watching tv?

Alot of time if you want them to stop limit them to one hour day.

Are there any side effects to clamato juice?

One serving of Clamato juice contains 1,300 mg of sodium, nearly the entire limit of 1,500 mg per day encouraged by The American Heart Association. Excess sodium in your diet may also cause water retention in your extremities.

How much money can you get out of an ATM in one day?

How much money you can get out of an ATM in one day depends on your bank and the limits it sets. One bank has a $ 1,000 maximum limit for any account. Still it limits some accounts to $ 200. You will need to check with your particular financial institution to find out your limit. The set amount will vary, but you can call the number on your check card and change the amount that can be withdrawn.