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How much moisture is lost from exhaling in a 24 hour period?

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Q: How much moisture does a person exhale during an eight-hour sleep?
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Is a person's last breath an inhale or exhale?

scilent death

Why is air forced out during exhalation?

pressure in the lungs forces air to leave the site of gaseous exchange and the diaphragm pushes up forcing the person to exhale.

Would decreased airway resistance make it difficult for a person to exhale?


How long a person can go without water?

A person will usally die within 3-4 days without water. The size of a person does not matter . This is because we exhale moisture,poo and wee,and sweat which all contain water which is ways of losing water.

Why does a person have to exhale?

Because air is made of of oxygen and co2, so you take in the oxygen and blow out the co2.

What do eye lids do for people?

Eye lids protect the eyes. Eyelids also provide moisture for the eyes. The moisture is provided when a person blinks. When a person blinks, the eyes are lubricated with tears.

Which part of a person's carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide?

That's all of it - what you exhale PLUS all the fuel burned to support you.

What percentage of TLC cannot be exhaled if a person can exhale about 3.6 L?

40% couldn't be exhaled

What is the maximum amount of air you can inhale?

as much as you take in It is not the amount you breathe in. It is called vital capacity. Even after a person breathes out as much as he or she can, there is air remaining in the lungs. This is called residual volume.

Is Tidal Volume Plus Residual Volume equal to vital capacity?

No, vital capacity is the maximum volume a person can exhale after taking the deepest breath that they can

I don't understand how CPR works we breathe in oxygen and we exhale CO2 so how come during CPR when we breathe into the person we are exhaling CO2 into there body insted of oxygen?

Atmospheric air has about 20.5% oxygen and our lungs only extract about 4.5% oxygen, so the air we exhale has about 16% oxygen, 4.5% CO2. The air we breathe into the victim then has 16% oxygen for their lungs to extract oxygen from.

How does your body obtain the water it needs?

The foods and liquids that a person consumes gives the body it's moisture.