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Q: How much longer do you live if you sleep more than eight hours a night?
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How many hours of sleep does an eight year old need?

10-11 hours every night are the optimum hours of sleep an eight-year-old should get.

How long does a person sleep?

Sleep TimeRecommended sleep time is eight hours a night, but some sleep more and some less.

How many hours of sleep should a 14 year old get?

Eight or nine hours each night.

How many hours do Sumatran Orangutans sleep?

At night, orangutans sleep just like us - or at least like we should - capturing a full eight hours of sleep.

What is the present tense for sleep?

The present tense for "sleep" is "sleep." For example, "I sleep for eight hours every night."

How many hours do 12 year old boys need?

Eight to ten hours of sleep per night.

If a person gets eight hours of sleep every night but still feels exhausted in the morning he or she may suffer?

Sleep apnea

Does a person who gets 8 hours of sleep live longer than a person who doesn't?

Not necessarily - the 'eight hour sleep' is a myth. Every person is an individual - while one person might need 8 hours sleep each night, another might only sleep for 7.5 hours. I, myself only need just over 6 hours each night - and have had this sleeping pattern ever since I was a teenager (over 30 years ago !)

In an experiment to see the effect sleep has on memory tests one group got eight hours of sleep a night and the other group got five hours a night. In this experiment what is the dependent variable?

The results of the memory test

How much sleep should a Boston Terrier get?

Most dogs will sleep about eight hours a night, regardless of breed. Puppies, of course, sleep more, including their naps. An active dog will be more tired at night and require more sleep.

How much sleep does a 29 year old need?

Adult humans need around eight-ten hours of sleep every night.

Is a 13-year-old girl getting enough sleep if he goes to bed every night at 12 am and gets up at 6am?

No, six hours of sleep is not enough, especially teens. Most people should get from eight to ten hours of sleep each night.