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Q: How much liquid can the bladder hold?
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What is the purpose of the bladder?

A bladder is a kind of 'bag' to hold liquid. We have two: the gall bladder in the liver which stores bile, a liquid used in the digestion of fats, and the urinary bladder, which stores urine until we can conveniently pass it out.

How many cups of liquid waste does the bladder hold?

It can hold two cups.

How much urine can the bladder hold?

A healthy bladder can hold up to 16 ounces (2 cups) of urine...

What organ stores 2 cups of liquid waste that you produce everyday?

The urinary bladder stores liquid waste that is produced by the kidneys before excretion.

How much does a human bladder hold?

About 2 cups.

At max how much urine can your bladder hold?

500 ml

How much liquid does the human bladder hold?

The average sized adult bladder can hold approx. 12 onces (350ml) of fluid before the urge to urinate becomes strong.

What causes bladder explosion?

The bladder explosion occurs if you hold your urine for more than 7 hours because the urine overfills the bladder. It's like a balloon that gets too much air. The longer you hold, the higher the risk of bladder explosion will be.

What does bladder of a camel mean?

"Has the bladder of a camel" is an idomatic expression meaning that the person can drink a large amount of liquid and not need to urinate. To use another idiom, they can "hold it" very well.

What organs store solid or liquid wastes?

The bladder.

Is the urinary bladder and the gallbladder the same structure?

No. The gallbladder is part of the digestive system. (eating) Your bladder is part of your renal system. (urine) The term "bladder" means something with which to hold or carry something. Usually liquid. Best of luck, Kathi

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