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Renter's insurance is fairly inexpensive. Prices will vary due to your area, distance from a fire hydrant and/or department, number of units, etc. If you have auto insurance, the company with your policy should have renters insurance available. Bundling the two policies would make it cheaper.

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Q: How much is the apartment renters insurance per month?
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When you are twenty years of age what types of insurance do you need?

If you drive, car insurance of course, and if you rent an apartment, renters insurance is a good idea especially if you have much of anything of value.

How much does the average renters insurance cost in PA?

In the average rates for renters insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, Pennsylvania is usually lower! In 2007, the average rate for PA renters insurance was only $144!

Is it necessary to purchase renters insurance?

yes it is very much necessary to have renters insurance as it gives you a peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected from theft and fire or any natural calamaties. Also if some mishap happens to your apartment you dont have to shell out a money from your pocket to repair or replace it.

What are some companies, in New York, that offer renters insurance?

If you Goggle renters insurance it will give you a wide variety of options. The insurance will depend on how much your apartment contents are worth. For instance, if you have new high end leather furniture and a good wood bedroom set, you would want content insurance in the event that another tenant has a cooking mishap.

How much does it cost for renters insurance?

For less than a dollar a day, a State Farm renters insurance policy will cover all of your property at its full replacement cost. Protect your possessions with State Farm renters insurance, and you could end up saving thousands.

How much is renters insurance on average in California?

they start from $10-$30

How much does it cost to buy renters insurance?

The price of a renters insurance depends on various factors, like how much the seller wants for it and where the insurance is bought from. The average price lies around $110 a year, but this can increase up to $200 a year.

How much will the renters insurance cost if the apartment is in the Plaza in Kansas City Missouri?

Renters insurance rates usually depend on several factors. Location of where the apartment/house is. Example: Do you live in the basement or bottom floor or upstairs? How much is the estimated worth of the items in your home? The list can go on and on. But to help you find rates here are a few good places to get free quotes from. Also, you can contact your local insurance companies they can help give you quotes for your area etc. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

Your renter started a fire and has renters insurance how much will it cover?

most renters policies only cover the personal property of the renter. The property owner typically carries insurance for the Hazard of Fire.

How much is rental home insurance in California?

Renters Insurance in California is surprisingly affordable. About $15.00 per month can get you contents coverage for your personal belongings, loss of use for your additional living expenses, and liability in case of injury. Check out the brochure on the following link for more details

How much was apartment rental in 1973?

I paid $45.00 a month no utilities.

How much is car insurance per month?

what is the average cost of car insurance per month for an american