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The amount is "Zero" that company will not accept a 16 year old driver

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Q: How much is Geico insurance for 16 year old kids?
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How long does it take to get a refund from Geico after you cancel your insurance?

one year

Which company in Jacksonville is a good choice for car insurance?

GEICO is a very trustworthy and cheap car insurance. Their slogan is 100% true too. Last year, I switched from State farm to GEICO and am saving $59 a month now.

Does the company Progressive have the best auto insurance rates?

Progressive is a great insurance company, however, they do not offer the best rates. I have found that Geico offers more services for less money than progressive. I had Progressive however I switched to Geico about a year ago.

Who has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record?

GEICO has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record\

How can a 18 year old driver get motor vehicle insurance?

An 18 year old driver living on their own can obtain motor vehicle insurance from local insurance companies such as "State Farm" or "Farmers Insurance". These places as well as many others like "Progressive Insurance" and "Geico Insurance" can be found online for coverage.

Where can one purchase car insurance for 17 year olds?

Almost all car insurance providers will sell car insurance to teenagers. The difference between a 17 year old and an adult will be the price, as younger drivers are much more expensive to insure. One could try getting a few quotes from places like Geico and State Farm.

Does Yamaha Motorbike Insurance cost more than Boat Insurance from Geico?

Whether or not Yamaha Motorbike Insurance costs more than boat insurance depends on the types of policies, amount of coverage, history of drivers, year of vehicles and other factors.

What do the initials Geico stand for?

The initials GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. The founder was Leo Goodwin who first took military and government employees but the business later caught all kinds of customers. The history of GEICO goes back to the depression in America in the 1930's. At this time, Leo and his wife came up with a concept of a company with the thought that they could prove it to be a successful insurance business catering to motors. he came up with a strong business plan and finally established GEICO as a company in the year 1936.

How much would a teenager pay for insurance of a small motorbike?

its depends on what you choose to have on insurance. me and my brother 21 and 19 pay 800$ a year for 2 bikes. but we took no dedction on anything. with everything else it comes out like 8,000 ish. go to allstate or geico site and see your own quote

How much would insurance cost on a Boeing 747 each year?

How much is insurance for 747

About how much is cargo insurance?

how much is 1,000,000 cargo insurance per year per truck

What year did the gecko debut in geico commercials?