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Q: How much gold can you steal Clash of Clans?
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How much gold does it take to max a th10 in Clash of Clans?

It takes six days to upgrade to Town Hall level 7.

How much internet does Clash of Clans consume?


How much did clash of clans make?

Clash of the Clans makes an estimated $4.6 million per day. The game to date has made over $820 million.

Is town hall level 10 in Clash of Clans awesome?

It's the best update on Clash of Clans! You get another drill, archer tower, cannon and much more!

How much does level 5 archers cost to get On clash of clans?

2.25million elixir

How much do dragons cost on clash of clans?

15 laks it upgrade and 30000 to make it

How much does it cost to upgrade your barracks to level seven in clash of clans?

2,750,000 elixir, but you get witches.

How much money do the biggest gemmers spend on Clash of Clans?

Part of what makes Clash of Clans and Hay Day so insanely. You can use real money to buy yourself game resources and power-ups.

How much elixir does it cost to upgrade your barracks to level 10 in Clash of Clans?

2,000,000 elixir (2 Million)

How much data does clash of the clans require when playing?

It actually depends on your 1) 2) But a round about figure would be about 500kb for about 5-10 mins. My friends told me that on - you receive free Clash of Clans gems instantly! It really works! (Ejq98SjUeV)

How much gold did the vikings steal?

the vikings ate rats and did not steal gold they stole silver.

How much is a lightning spell cost on Clash of Clans?

At level 1 it costs 15000. It increases by 3500 every upgrade.