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Q: How much does doctor Jon pol make per episode?
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How much does Jon Cryer make per episode?


Was Jon beavers from fresh beat band on the doctor who episode planet of the dead?

No, Jon Beavers has not appeared in Doctor Who.

How much money do 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' make in an episode?

According to Jon Gosselin, they initially earned $2,000 per episode. The amount increased each season and he claims to have earned $22,500 per episode of 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' during the final season. It was not clear if that amount was just for Jon Gosselin or if it was for the whole family. Jon Gosselin had said that they make $100,000 per episode. With government, that's 50,000. 50,000 divided by 10=$5,000

When did elisabeth sladen first appear in doctor who?

She first appeared in 1973 in an episode called The Time Warrior. The Doctor at the time was the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee.

What year was Doctor Who first shown in color?

1970, starting with Jon Pertwee's first episode "Spearhead from Space".

When did Jon Pertwee play Doctor Who?

Jon Pertwee was 50 when he first took the role of the doctor. He filmed his first episode (The Spearhead from Space) in the second half of 1969 shortly after his 50th birthday (Which was in July 1969)

How much is Jon and Kate Gosselin getting paid?

Rumors say the get about $65,000 per episode!

How much did Jon and Kate get paid per episode for the first season?

It was revealed that the Gosselins were paid $2,000 per episode for the first season of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' See related links for the court documents.

Does Jon Cryer make the same salary as Charlie Sheen?

No. Charlie Sheen makes $2 millon an episode, whereas Jon Cryer makes $550,000 an episode. Angus Jones makes a quarter million.

How much does 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' cost per episode?

About 60,000-90,000 per episode. The average family salary per episode is $75,000, according to CNN and various other sites. Jon Gosselin alleges the family was paid $22,500 per filmed episode. This number has not been confirmed.

Who was the Third Doctor Who?

Jon Pertwee.

What was Beth Carson's last episode on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

The last episode on 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' was Trip to Utah.