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All of our body need rest. It only takes 8 or 9 hours of rest. For all teenagers (13-19) which teens years last 7 years. Need rest 8 or 9 hours of sleep because your body begins to grow rapidly until you hit 20 years old your body stop growing. Everyone or everything need to sleep and relax.

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Q: How much do your body need rest?
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What is the oxygen demand for a human?

In Rest a normal human (65 Kgs Body Weight) will need 250ml/min. of oxygen.Depending on the activity the body might consume 15 times as much oxygen as it needs in rest.

This is your first pregnancy and you are feeling so much dullness?

Dulness is ussualy your body telling you that you need to rest and take it easy.

Why does our breathing rate go down when we feel drowsy?

Because we are at rest and our body does need so much energy to do.

How much does a babies head weigh in comparison to the rest of its body?

it weighs about 10% more the n the rest of it's body

What happens to air that your body does not need?

Your body takes what it needs and then the rest gets exhaled out and goes into the atmosphere.

What happens to your body if you take up to much energy?

It gets tired. your body goes to rest.

Is sleep a rest to body or soul?

body. you sleep because you need to rest your muscles or because you have so little energy that your brain forces you into sleep to conserve what is left.

Why do children need rest?

Children need rest for the same reasons as adults. Children may need more rest than an average adult as they are in general more active than an average adult (for example, at stay-at-home-mom).

What are the implecation of too much sex?

Your body doesn't get a chance to rest!

How much fiber a day does your body need?

very much in the body.

How much rest does a child need?

a child needs up to 8 to 9 hours of rest

Why do they cover the rest of your body when getting an x ray?

They cover the rest of you body so the harmful waves don't go in your body everywhere there doesn't need to be. X-rays are harmful to your body and that's why they hid behind the wall.