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Q: How much do the people who make juicy couture clothes get paid?
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Where does juicy couture make their watches?

probably in the juicy couture warehouse... where they make all the other juicy couture stuff

Since when does Juicy Couture make clothes for men?

The Juicy Couture was founded in 1994 by two women. After creating different clothing for women, they started making clothes for men after 2005. This is their latest project.

What kind of clothes does Juicy Couture make?

Juicy Couture make many types of casual clothing items. They sell dresses, tops, sweaters, t-shirts, bottoms, jackets, swimwear, and sleepwear. One can buy their items online.

Why do people boycott juicy couture?

Juicy "Couture" is not couture. Some bimbo from Bimboland thought it would be cute and fun to make other bimbos look as cheap as possible for a nice, hefty price.

Does Juicy Couture make clothing for men?

Yes Juicy Couture does make clothing for men. In fact, Juicy Couture has its own collection geared directly towards men and offers comfortable, casual, clothing.

How do you make different words on your logo on girlsense?

you can't but if you wanted to make clothing with your like juicy couture on it your username would have to be juicy couture.

How much do you make at juicy couture?

7.68 a minute baby

How much does juicy couture employees make?

17c an hour

Is it possible to buy clothes for your cat?

Yes. They make Juicy Couture outfits for cats. At your local pet store, you can also get Santa outfits and other costumes.

How much do Americans spend on designer clothes?

Answer maybe from $44- $440 even more depending of the designer make I'm from UK so I won't know but I do buy designer clothes such as Miss Sixty, Juicy Couture, Cake couture, Broke down, Paul Franks and all that.

Does Juicy Couture make tracksuits for dogs?

yes they do but only in some countries

Why are juicy couture charm bracelets not sterling silver?

because they're cheaper the way they are. i never understood why people pay so much for juicy couture. its so cheap in more than one way. its your basic costume jewelry.. without the juicy couture name it would probably be 75% less... people are essentially paying for the name, which is silly. juicy couture makes their currently bracelets for less than 20 cents each... if they were silver they would set them back a little over 2 dollars each to make.. less profit for them.