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Q: How much do the guys on gas moneky garage get paid per episode?
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How much does gas monkey garage make per episode on discovery?

It is not known how much Discovery Channel pays Gas Monkey Garage per episode. Discovery Channel does not publicize how much they pay their actors.

How much do Fast and Loud guys make per episode?

$50.000 per episode, not worth that!

How much per episode does auction hunters get paid?

I am not sure about auction hunters but I have be told the storage wars guys and the auctioneer get paid $40,000 each per episode.

How much does the guys on storage wars get paid?

They get paid approximately 2 hand jobs per episode followed by a massive circle jerk.

How much do the guys on Impractical Jokers Make?

They make 21,000 per episode season 1, and that doubled to 42,000 season 2 source not verified

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How much does Discovery Channel pay each boat on Deadliest Catch per episode?

No information concerning what the American Chopper guys are paid is available at this time. They were likely paid about $2,000, as this is the average salary for a reality TV episode.

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