How much do shots hurt?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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it all depends. if ur a small fragile boy or girl it could really hurt u. or it can depend on how long the needle is.... but in the end it all depends on YOU...

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Q: How much do shots hurt?
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Do fifth grade shots hurt?

5th grade shots do not hurt as much as 6th grade shots but they dont hurt as much as you think

Why do shots hurt?

Shots do not hurt silly :P

What 4 shots do you have to get before middle school?

I was wondering do shots hurt me if

Does 12 year old booster shots hurt?

no it do not hurt

Will getting your tdap shot hurt?

no loosen your arm shots dont hurt

Have you ever had a buttock injection that hurt so much you couldn't sit down?

When I got booster shots in my bottom for school they didn't hurt much at the time but I couldn't sit down for days afterwards.

Do arm shots hurt?

Yes they do hurt but don't worry the shot last a second.

Do vitamin b shots hurt a week later?


Why do shots hurt when you get them in your arm?

Hey retard. Somebody just stabbed your muscle. why wouldnt it hurt?!

Do shots for whooping cough hurt?

Pretty much all shots hurt a little. That is only natural when you are being stuck with a needle. They aren't terrible though. It's a quick poke. It hurts for a minute. It's done. Your arm might be sore for a day or two from the vaccination liquid.

Do NHL shots hurt?

Yes, they can go as fast as 100mph

Why do penicillin shots hurt?

Because the shot is delivered into the muscle.