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i would say that depends on how good you are... Your age shouldn't matter as long as you are actually good at Skateboarding and can do the stunts :)

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Q: How much do a television news anchor make a week?
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How much does local Cleve news anchor Wilma smith make?

Too much.

How much to television news anchors make?

$120,00K per year

Why is WNYT tv news anchor Kumi Tucker missing from broadcasts?

she got too heavy and was sent off to the fat farm.

What is Christina Park famous for?

Christina Park is a television news anchor. Park previously worked with CNN and is now with Fox News. Park received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

What is a news presenter?

Years ago, this position used to be called an "anchorman," since 99% of them were male. The news anchor (who today may be a man or a woman) is the dominant person in the newscast, who hosts the news program and reads the news: on television, the NBC Nightly News is anchored by Brian Williams, for example; the ABC World News is anchored by Diane Sawyer. The anchor will usually have a team of correspondents who provide reports about the individual stories. For example, the anchor would introduce the story: "Today at the White House, President Obama met with the Prime Minister of England, who was visiting America. With more on this story, here is our White House correspondent." The correspondent would then report from the White House, explain about the meeting, and then send it back to the anchor, who will read the next story. Some anchors, especially in smaller cities, don't just sit in the studio and read the news stories-- they go out and do actual on-the-scene reporting. But in the major cities (like New York or Los Angeles), the anchor is more like the host, and works with his or her team to keep the public informed. While there are some all-news radio stations that have an anchor during each hour's news reports, news radio stations use many reporters and do not focus on just one person. On television, however, being an anchor for the network news is a high-profile position, and one person is the dominant host, often for years at a time. To be an anchor normally requires getting experience as a reporter, as well as having a good ability to read, to write understandable stories, and to be able to clarify the issues of the day for the audience.

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What is the salary of a news anchor at KIRO TV in Seattle Washington?

too much

News anchor salaries?

A salary of a news anchor all depends on how well you are at what you do. If you're just starting out you make $15,000 to $18,000 dollars per year. It also depends on where you are reporting from and what news station you are reporting for.

When was Nancy Cox - TV news anchor - born?

Nancy Cox - TV news anchor - was born on 1967-08-23.

What is a person who reads news in a television?

A person who reads news on television is typically called a news anchor or a news presenter. They are responsible for reporting the latest news updates to viewers in a professional and engaging manner.

Person Who reads news on tv?

A newscaster or a news anchor.

What is a anchor?

an anchor on a boat keeps the boat from drifting. An anchor on a tv news program is the one who keeps everything running smoothly and has the most air time dealing with the top headlines of today. Anchors are the people that make viewers tune inti a particular channel for the news another word for an anchor on the news is the host of the show or the emcee (master of ceremonies)

How old is tv news anchor Laura diaz?


What do you major in to be a news anchor?

To be a News Anchor, an undergrad degree is required in Journalism. Therefore, your major should be Journalism, Television Journalism, with minors in Communication/Speech.

Who was Nashville's first female tv news anchor?

Oprah Winfrey

How is Jim Lehrer best known on American TV?

News anchor

What is David Brinkley's occupation?

David Brinkley is a/an Television news anchor

How much does local Cleve news anchor Wilma smith make?

Too much.