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Not a lot?

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Q: How much damage can a raccoon do to a car when hit?
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What if you hit a car and there is no damage to your car?

The insurance will pay for the car you hit.

What do you do if you hit a car in a dealer's lot?

If you are driving their car and hit their car, then their insurance will pay for the damage on both cars. If you are driving your car and hit their car, then your insurance will pay for the damage on both cars.

What happens if you hit a car in a car park with no damage?

no damage, no problem. nuff said

What damage happens to the car when you touch the curb driving 45 mph?

It depends on what type of car it is like my car is a Toyota privia so i hit a curb not much damage :) if yo want morecall me 8568577932

You hit car who then hit the next car are you responsible for both cars?

Yes, you are responsible for all the damage caused by your accident therefore if an object you hit goes on to cause further damage as a result of being hit then you are responsible for all the damage.

Will someone die if they get hit by a car at 20mph?

No, I hit someone with a car at 20mph, but they where up a hill, and he just fell to the ground and crawled away, i really dont think there was much if any damage done... he hit my car with a baseball bat that is why I hit him if people are wondering...

What if you hit a car no damage was done leave then go back 5 minutes later and the car is gone?

if you hit a car you hit a car you still have to leave your information else its considered hit and run!

If your at fault in an accident there is no damage to your car but the others how much do you have to pay?

If you are at fault in an accident, You are responsible for any personal injuries and the reasonable cost of repair for for the damage to the other vehicle that you hit. The level of damage to your own vehicle does not mitigate the cost of the damage to the vehicle you hit. After all you still caused the damage and you are responsible for it.

Can cop charge you with property damage in car accident when its your car damaged?

I would assume property damage is referring to whatever you hit or wrecked your car into.

If a car with personal liability and property damage parked at a restaurant is hit by car with full coverage who pays for the damage?

The car with coverage appears to be at fault and would therefore be liable to pay for the damage.

If you hit a car and damaged it but your car has no damage. Do you have to pay?

You hit the other car, so yes, you need to pay to have the other car fixed. Your insurance should do this. If not, it is out of your pocket.

How much damage will happen if a tornado was to hit?

it will damage a lot of homes