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I don't think there is much demand for broken femurs, so you probably wouldn't be able to get much for it. My advice would be to have an orthopedic specialist treat it, and then hang on to it for future use.

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Q: How much can you get for a broken femur in a car accident?
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Can you drive a car with a broken femur?

It might be a little painful, but if it's your left leg that's broken you probably can drive an automobile with an automatic transmission.

How much money should you get for a huge scar from car accident and broken wrist?

Depends on how you think it is worth plus car damage. I would ask $980, but that is me.

Could a broken tire belt cause my car to vibrate after a accident?


What can be done about a broken tire belt?

If your car or vehicle has a broken tire belt you need to replace it. This broken item can cause a very bad accident.

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Sure. It won't be much of an accident but it can be an accident.

How much is a broken arm worth in a car accident?

Value would depend on similar case settlements in the state the accident occurred. Generally accident claims involving broken bones settle for higher amounts than those without. Speaking with an attorney who is experienced with such cases should be able to help you determine the value of your injury claim.

What is accident injury?

An injury you acquire accidentally or in an accident. Examples are a broken leg from falling down the stairs, a concussion from a knock on the head from and accidental fall, or whiplash from a car accident.

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What does the femur load number mean?

During crash tests and safety checks they test to see how much pressure the femur can hold before it fractures. I think they said that it can hold up to 500lbs of pressure before it fractures. Therefore, if your car says that it has a femur load of 244lbs for example, then that is how much pressure will likely to be applied to your femur during a certain pertaining crash.

How much time does a person have to report an injury from a car accident to insurance company?

how much time does someone have to reporty an injury from car accident in state of new hampshire

How does your wrist get broken in a car accident?

Most often the reason for a broken wrist or even both wrists to be broken in a car accident is because the natural reaction is to "brace!" A passenger puts both hands against the dashboard, then the impact forces the wrists into a hyper-extended position, which can break the small hand bones and break the wrist bones.

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