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Q: How much bleach do you have to drink before it can kill you?
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How much bleach can you drink to kill hpv?

Drinking bleach will not kill the papilloma virus, but if you drink enough it might kill you.

Can you drink bleach?

No , you can not drink bleach . It's a poison . It depends on how much you consume whether you'll die or not (:

How much bleach do you have to drink to get clean?

ABSOLUTELY NONE - Bleach is VERY poisonous and drinking even a small amount will at best make you VERY ill and at worst will kill you after an extremely painful decline.

How do you kill maggots that are inside the human body?

Drink a gallon of bleach. The downside to this is that it kills the human too. The upside is that it will kill the maggots, and make the morticians job much easier.

What happens if you drink too much bleach?

You will die.

How much bleach is safe to drink for animals?


Will bleach and water clean your system before a drug test and how much water are you to drink?

Since the answer to the first question is "no", the answer to the second question is kind of meaningless. Bleach and water will just make you sick, it won't "clean your system."

How much bleach can a person drink before dying?

exactly ten cups. drink nine and i guarantee you won't die.... it will actually clean your digestion... true story. ;) I'm not sure why this question has been asked; although I would advise anyone NOT to drink ANY bleach at ANY time.

How much bleach did Amanda Todd drink before death?

Think she hanged herself but, it's sad she did that.

Why should you not drink?

it can really be bad for you and can kill you if you drink to much.

Can you drink water treated with bleach?

NO! Bleach is a poison that if you drink it it will eat up your stomach. If anyone has ingest bleach should call 911 or the poison control center.

Does chorine bleach kill algae or mold in pool?

The Pool will probably dilute it too much.