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well actually it depens on you to be one it will pay you like 14 dollors a minute and they even pay you when you are asleep so it is a pretty kool job to be but if you add up 14 dollars in one year that is what you will be making...

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Q: How much approximately does an actor or actress make?
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How much money does a actress or actor make?

$1,000 - 16 million!

Who much does Gerard butler make?

Gerard Butler probably makes a lot of money a day because he is an actor, and actor's and actress's make a lot of money, that's why there rich.

How much money does the cast of the Vampire Diaries earn per episode?

Every cast member will make different amounts of money. The better known the actor or actress is to the general population, the more money they will make versus a non recognized actor or actress.

How much does it cost to hire an actor?

Well, It depends how many hours you're going to film with the actor/actress.

How much does an actress make in a minute?

as much as she wants

How do you find out how much adult only DVDs are worth?

Supply and demand. Whether the actor/actress has died or if have retired.

How much school is required for an actress?

None really. You can major in theater arts to become an actor/actress, but this is not needed. If you have talent and you try out for parts you can come an actress. Very few who do this actually become big stars.

How much did Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe earn on average on Harry Potter?

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are actually in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the highest paid actor and actress. Their highest pay was approximately 10 million pounds.

Where can you find celebrities salaries?

go to and look up the actor/actress then go to biography on the left hand side, and go all the way to the bottom it will tell you how much they make a movie.

How much does a voice actor make?

about millions

How much money does a Hollywood actor or actress make?

Top actors make about $30 million per picture, top actresses up to $20 million. Sometimes, they also get a percentage. they also can make up to 892 dollars per day which is awesome

How much does an actor make a year?

710 million