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288 cubic feet of "air" or 19 cubic feet of pure oxygen .

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Q: How much air does the average person breathe a day?
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How much air does a healthy person breathe in and out of their lungs?

the average adult is 2-3litres

Who was the first person to breathe moon's air?

It is impossible to breathe the Moon's "air" considering the Moon does not have an atmosphere.

What is the maximum amount of air you can inhale?

as much as you take in It is not the amount you breathe in. It is called vital capacity. Even after a person breathes out as much as he or she can, there is air remaining in the lungs. This is called residual volume.

Why do you get hiccups after laughing too much?

When you laugh you breathe in a lot of air and that causes hiccups

How much nitrogen does humans breathe out?

78% 0of the air we breathe is nitrogen, same as the amount in the air.

How much of nitrogen is in the air you breathe?

Air is 78% Nitrogen

Why is the air you breathe out is much warmer then the air you breathe in?

Because your body is warm, so Body Heat causes this.

How many liters of air do you breathe in and out of your lungs every minute?

the average person breaths in about 7 to 8 litres of air every minute when relaxed hope this answers your question

How much air did Jasmine breathe out?

as much or less then she brethed in

How much of the air you breathe out is oxygen?

About 16% of the air you expel is oxygen.

Can a dolphin breathe in and out of air and water?

Dolphins are mammals. They breathe air with lungs, pretty much just like you and I. They can't breathe water. When they dive they hold their breath.

How much argon do you breathe in each breath?

Slightly less than 1% of the air that you breathe in.