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no more than 3

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Q: How much a week should you pass stool?
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Why do you pass stool once a week?

There are no rules as in how often you should have to poop but once a week is not much. If not every day at least once every other day. Look over your diet, if you eat any meds and speak to a dietitian and doctor about it.

How many bowel movements should breastfed babies have?

3-4 times a day is normal after the first week. Some babies pass stool every time they nurse.

I have had a black stool for over a week , is this serious?

comment on th above question, is a black stool serious 2 weks

Can betaine hydrochloride cause fresh red bleeding in stool?

Bright red blood in stool, toilet or on the toilet may indicate a fissure. Typically not associated with too much pain. Usually subsides in a few days to a week. Can be given a script of cream to help with pain. Usually a GI bleed such as from an ulcer can present as more of a dark tar substance mixed in with stool. Hope this helps. ..should still be checked by a doc though

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I have been clean for a week but i was using Roxy pills and smoked weed like 3x's for 1week should I pass a drug test?

it all depends on how many times you peed in that week but chances are your not going to pass

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How can you pass a THC test in 1 week?

Stop getting high a couple of months ago. That should do it.

How much pasta dishes should you have a week?

you should only have about 1

How much aerobic exercise should you do each week?

At least 3 times a week.

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