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In the United States, most jurisdictions have a 2 year statute of limitations for filing suits and claims related to an automobile accident.

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Q: How many years after an accident do you have to sue?
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Can you sue someone 6 years after an accident?

Yes no matter what the accident you can sue them 30 years later if you feel like it As long as you haven't already sued them

Can you sue someone from a car accident that happened two years ago?


What statute tells you how many years after a car accident can you sue?

This is by state - you will have to check your individual state laws to determine the statute covering this and the limit.

How many years after a car accident can you sue?

ANSWERIn most states, you have, from the date of the occurrence :1). Personal injuries- 2 years2). Property Damage- 3 yearsOnce the statue runs out, you can't sue.

Why would someone sue 3 years after an auto accident?

if they didn't know for the 3 years after and they just found out about it and think its new...

How long after can you sue you job for work injury?

How long you can sue your job after a work injury varies slightly from state to state. In most states you have three years to sue for a personal injury or accident at work.

Can you sue for judgment in an auto accident case?

You can sue in most jurisdictions

What can you sue for when you get in a car accident?


Should you sue your employer in a slip and fall accident?

the question is, how did you acquire your accident? if you believe that the accident was caused by someone else negligence or of a faulty machinery, yes! you can sue your employer and can file for an accident at work claims.

Can i sue a person 9 years after car accident?

No. There is no statute of limitations in any state that would permit you to sue someone 9 years after the accident. There is a policy rationale for this based on the fact that all of the witnesses and evidence will be difficult or impossible to find after such an extensive period of time. Most state statutes of limitation are 2-4 years for auto accidents.

Do you have to sue if you're hurt in a car accident?


Can an illegal immigrant sue in an accident?