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1) 1 touchdown with a 2 point conversion (8 points) and 1 field goal (3 points).

2) 1 touchdown with a 1 point conversion (7 points) and two safeties (4 points).

3) 1 touchdown with no conversion (6 points), 1 field goal (3 points), 1 safety (2 points).

4) 3 field goals (9 points), 1 safety (2 points).

5) 1 field goal (3 points), 4 safeties (8 points).

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If it is having two values and they are 1 and 0, only if we consider the order, it is having many ways like six ones and five zeroes, two ones and nine zeroes, ten ones and one zero or four ones and seven zeroes.

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Q: How many ways are there to score 11 points in a football game?
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