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Q: How many water pills can you take in one day if you are retaining water?
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Should you take water pills with water or milk?

with water

If you have to take .5 grams and the pills are 250 mg how many pills do you have to take?


Can i take cephalexin with water pills?

Ask your doctor

How many 25mg pills would you have to take to total 150mg?

6mg pills have to take to total 150mg.

How much water to take with a pill?

8 ounces per pill. If you cannot have full glass of water, even three-fourth will also do. It is always better to take plenty of water with the pills/capsules because when we take those pills with water, they get dissolved in water quickly and get mixed up with our blood and start showing their affects. If we do not take adequate water, pills/capsules will not get dissolved and will start showing results very slowly

You have taken to many micronor pills is it dangerous?

It is always dangerous to take more pills than the label says to take.

How do you take the pills 2 day diet?

Take one or two pills in the morning every day before eating breakfast and drink a loooot of water. As your doctor if he or she thinks you should take your pills at a different time. GoodLuck :D

Is it possible to take pills with cool water?

Yes. Pills even dissolve with or without water by your secretions in your GI tract. It is always preferable to take with water or liquid to dissolve pill more rapidly so that medication can work faster.

How water pills work?

Water pills can be a natural or manufactured substance. People typically take them to cause the kidneys to excrete more sodium and produce more urine.

How many ecstasy pills it take to equal an ounce?

you dont buy ex pills in ounces

What is the past present and future tense of take?

present - take, takes or am/is/are taking He takes 10 pills everyday. I ma only taking 5 pills everyday. past - took or was/were taking I took my pills this morning. I was taking too many pills before. future - will take, going to take, am/is/are taking I am going to take my pills tomorrow. They are taking their pills on Friday.

How is ace diet pills used?

Ace diet pills come in a bottle. You take them with water like any other pill.