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Q: How many times does a normal person cough a day?
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How many times does a person cough in a day?

The average person does not cough more than 5 times a day. Those who are sick may cough more times.

How many times a normal person think a day?

30 times .

How many times does a person inhales in a week?

A normal person breathes between 16 and 20 times per minute. Depending on the person's average, any given individual would inhale about 181,440 times per week.

How many times wood you be smater than a averige person if you had a IQ of 400?

You would be 4 times smarter. Average or normal is considered anything from 90 to 110.

How much alcohol is in cough drops?

they have 2000 oz i got drunk once to many times

How many hours do a normal person sleep?

It is normally 8-10 hours for normal person

How many germs are in a cough?

A single cough can release thousands to millions of germs into the air, depending on the person's health and the specific germ causing the cough. These germs can include bacteria or viruses that may be capable of causing illness in others.

How many times do you blink your eye per seconds?

Normal blinking depends on the activity of a person and may vary from 2 to 10 times per minute.

How many times does the average person poop each day?

around twice a day A Normal Poops around 3 a day to 3 a week it depends on Who the person is and there really is no average because people can poop 5 times a day or 2 times a week

How many pieces of pizza does a normal person have in a year?

i think a normal person has at least 100 pieces of pizza a year.

How many syllables are in the word cough?

The word "cough" has one syllable.

How many times is normal for going to the toilet?