How many players can play nba2k11?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Well i guess you can play four people at once on Xbox 360 and ps3 in an exhibition match but mostly it's a single player i guess.

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Q: How many players can play nba2k11?
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Can you draft players on nba2k11?

Yes you can in association, you can get drafted in myplayer mode as well.

Can you play player vs player on NBA2k11?

you can play player vs. player on nba2k11 by just plugging in two controllers then go to quick game and there will be one red controller and one blue controller on the screen

How do you play in the playoffs on nba2k11?

You have to make the playoffs. In the seasons you have to have a good win record.

What is a website where you can play nba 2k11 free?

You can download it at

Can you get lennny bias on nba2k10 or nba2k11?

I think he is on 2k10 because when i play 2k11 he is not there..

How do you play as Micheal Jordan on the bulls on nba2k11 for psp?

You have to play an exhibition match. His team should be there by default.

How do you connect two computers to play nba2k11?

You can connect them with an ethernet cable, or by WiFi if they have wireless cards.

Does nba2k11 have association mode?

Yes there is an association mode in nba2k11. Have fun :)

How many players can you play with in PS3?

Two players

How many players can play on PS3?

four players

How many foreign players can play in a slpl team?

4 players can play at once

How many players can play skylanders?

In all systums, you can play with up to 2 players