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there are 7

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Q: How many modules are in the 4 hour drug and alcohol course?
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How many modules are in the Florida drug and alcohol test?

in the florida one theres i think 6 or 8. i am taking mine right now, but i forgot the exact number of modules. but its a four hour minimum course/test so there are quite a few modules and sections

How long does alcohol stay in your body if drug tested for alcohol?

1 beer can = 1 hour

Is it necessary for Teens to take Drug And Alcohol Course to get Learners Permit?

Yes..You are 100% correct, Teens should complete Florida Drug and Alcohol Course to get their first time learners permit . Before Teens can take the DHSMV Florida Permit Exam and they have to get their Learners Permit, So its a 4-Hour Online Course called Traffic Law and Substance Awareness Course (TLSAE or DATA).

Do you have to take a 4 hour drug and alcohol test if you just get your license?

Yes by law u must take not a 4 but a 8 hour drug and alcohol test issued buy the DMV if you don't complete this you are ineligible for your state issued drivers I.D

What illegal drug would make someone sleep for 24 hour's only waking for a smoke?


Will detox drinks work with alcohol?

I sure hope so. I'm still drunk and I have a drug test in an hour

Will you fail a 10 panel drug and alcohol test if you had 1 beer 20 hours ago?

no, your body works off about 1 alcohol unit per hour

What is the salary for drug offender education program instructors?

The 15 Hour state approved course pays between $300 and $400.

Can mcat drug make you unconscious?

0of course not. I took one an hour ago and I feel fin;oaj;oiu[o 9u'

How many ounces of alcohol does the human body detoxify in an hour?

The liver metabolizes alcohol at a rate of approximately 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol per hour.

Can you clean alcohol out your system in a hour?


The liver can oxidize about how much alcohol per hour?

The Liver can burn up 1/2 ounce of alcohol per hour.

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