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Q: How many minerals does a healthy adult need?
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What can minerals do for you?

Minerals can do many things. They can balance out with the vitamins you need in your body. They are able to make your hair and others grow faster on your body.

Does seeds need minerals to grow normally?

Not to start, but they need them to continue to adult stages.

Why do you need to eat food that contain vitamins and minerals?

Your body needs vitamins and minerals for the immune system, and to repair itself, and to grow.

How many calories does a person need to stay alive?

Its Depends in age, but for a normal healthy adult, about 9800kj

How many liters of water does your body need to be healthy?

2 to 3 liters a day would be fine for a healthy adult. It may change if you have kidney problems.

Why do we need fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and veggies give our bodies vitamins and minerals and carbs that we need to grow and stay healthy.

Why is it important for the baby to have adult hemoglobin after birth?

The change is important because there is no need for the effieciency of a fetal haemoglobin in a healthy adult.

How many minerals does a whole chicken have?

you need to take you vitamins and minerals

What is puppy food?

It is food designed for puppies ,in a way that it has the right minerals and vitamins they need to be strong and healthy.

List six kinds of nutrients that people need to stay healthy?

To stay healthy, people need: Carbohydrates Protein Good fats/essential fatty acids Vitamins Minerals Enzymes

Do horses need salt block?

Horses do need it, but not all the time. They only need it for minerals there body take in as a natural resource for a healthy immune system.

What does hair need to grow thick and healthy?

the right vitamins and minerals also doesnt need to be washed every day or it will take out all of the natural oils that contribute to shiny thick healthy hair