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The short answer: adults need 6 to 9 hours per night. Around 7 to 7.5 hours of actual sleep (not counting time falling asleep and getting out bed) appears to be optimal for most people.

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Q: How many hour man sleep in one day?
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How many hour can sleep man?

6 to 8 hours

How many hours of sleep do your eyes require?

The Amount Of Sleep Your Eyes Need Each Day Is Twelve Hours For An Average Woman/Man.

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A person with the age between 20-30 should sleep at least 7 hours a day.............

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A 17 year old man should have about 7.5-8 hours of sleep each night.

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How many hours of sleep should a 49 year old man sleep?

It depends on the individual.. I'm slightly older, and I usually have around 6-7 hours a night, depending on how tired I feel.

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what is the blood pressure of man's during sleep ?

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