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Lol your funny.

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Q: How many friends does Barney have?
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Was Debby Ryan in Barney And Friends?

yes she was from barney and friends when she was young

Who is the violinist on Barney and Friends?

Barney Stinson.

Who did Pia Hamilton play in Barney and Friends?

She played the role of " Min " on Barney and Friends

Which toddler bessing has Barney and Friends?

Barney Baby Bop BJ Toddler Crib Bedding Sheet Set has Barney and Friends on it.

Is Robert from barney and friends gay?

Robert is played by Angel Velasco in Barney and Friends and no he is not gay.

What are the release dates for Barney and Friends - 1992 Barney's Band 5-6?

Barney and Friends - 1992 Barney's Band 5-6 was released on: USA: 9 November 1998

What is the character Micheal from barney and friends real name?

Brian Eppes plays Michael on Barney and Friends.

What was the first show Selena Gomez appeared in Hannah Montana or Barney and friends?

Barney and friends. She was about six.

How many years did Selena Gomez watch Barney for?

Selena Gomez STARRED on "Barney & Friends" when she was 7 years old with Demi Lovato.

Was Jennifer Stone on Barney?

No Jennifer Stone was never on Barney and Friends.

Who played Barney on the tv show Barney And Friends?

david joyner

Who did Selena Gomez play in Barney and you?

It was Barney and Friends, and she played Gianna.