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11 out of the 13 colonies voted in favor of independence from Great Britain on the initial vote on July 1st.

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Q: How many colonies voted in favor of independence from Great Britain during the initial vote on July 1?
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What country did the American colonies fight against to gain their independence?

The American colonists were seeking independence from Great Britain. In order to have that independence, the American Revolutionary War was fought.

What happen during american revolution?

The American Revolution began when Britain sent troops to suppress a growing rebellion in its North American colonies. The people of the colonies eventually declared independence from Britain as the United States of America.

From whom did America declare its independence in 1776?

The US was created by the war fought by the Original 13 colonies against Great Britain and King George. This was the war associated with the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell. When the war was won at the battle of York town in Virginia the colonies became Independent of Britain. Allies included the French.

If During the Revolutionary War what was the definition of a Loyalist?

During the American Revolutionary War, people opposed to the independence of the thirteen colonies were called loyalists. meaning loyal to Great Britain and King George.

What did John Dickinson have to do with the Declaration of Independence?

John Dickinson was one of several delegates from Pennsylvania to the Second Continental Congress during the debate over declaring independence from Great Britain. He was against declaring independence, because he believed that the problems between the colonies and Great Britain could be reconciled and the colonies could remain part of the British empire. He favored remaining part of the empire because the colonies would enjoy continued protection from Great Britain from other colonial powers such as France and Spain. He also believed that the colonies could not possibly win a war against Great Britain with its large army and navy. Even though the Pennsylvania delegation eventually approved the resolution for independence and the Declaration of Independence itself, John Dickinson did not sign it.

What was the relationship between Great Britain and her colonies during colonial era and constitution?

Great Britain tried to over power the colonies and treaty them badly during the coloial era

What does the term taxayion without representation means?

"Taxation without representation!" was a slogan used by the American colonies leading up to and during the Revolutionary War for independence from Great Britain. Though the colonies had to pay taxes to Great Britain, they were not allowed to choose their own colonial representatives to the British Parliament.

What are the main events that happened in England 1960's?

In 1965 Britain taxed the colonies. In 1965 Britain taxed the colonies.

How did many of the colonies achieve independence in the decades following the war?

Many of the African colonies demanded freedom after WW2 and were granted independence during the 1960's and 1970's

What happened during the Revolution in 1776?

America declared independence from Great Britain

What European country had the most African colonies during the Age of Imperialism?


During which centuries were the Southern Colonies in North America established by Great Britain?

The southern colonies where established by Great Britain during the 16th and 17th centuries. The region became well known for the slave work on the plantations.